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In 2014, the California Legislature passed a bill which created a military diversion program for current and former U.S. military personnel who have been charged with a misdemeanor offense. In essence, the program would allow our U.S. military personnel to participate in a diversion program in exchange for the dismissal of their case.

Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (“SFTS”) were developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or “NHTSA” to assist in the investigation of impaired drivers. Below is a brief description of each test and what “clues” or “cues” of impairment an officer is looking for to determine impairment.
DUI arrest

1. Pull Over Immediately
Prop 47

On November 4, 2014, California voters passed Proposition 47, which reduces specified felonies to misdemeanors, creates a new offense for shoplifting and allows re-sentencing of certain convicted felons. Proposition 47 is retroactive in application, meaning that any offenses that occurred prior to the November 4, 2014 passage date are still entitled to such relief. Further, any persons currently incarcerated and serving sentences due to plea bargain of an enumerated offense are eligible for relief pursuant to Proposition 47. Effectively, Proposition 47 will allow a person the ability to ask the court to re-sentence or reduce a felony conviction or charge pursuant to provisions of Penal Code §1170.18.

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Hiring an attorney can be an unnerving experience and is the last thing you want to be trying to do when you find yourself in need of one. The following list provides a few questions and guidelines to assist you when hiring an attorney. There are no hard and fast rules, just questions to ask to find out if he or she is the right attorney for you.